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Friday evening I was invited to Hamilton Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Party.

It was a nice evening of entertainment and meeting new friends

Attached are just some of the photos from this event.

More pictures in the gallery link below.


This is a picture I sold to a stock agent a while back of our friends John and Baby Gwen. I can just see all his friends harassing him because he’s now a model. 🙂

This was the first time I photographed a music video. It was really neat to see how it’s all done. Ryan Malcolm was so generous to allow me photograph what ever I wished. The production crew was very nice toward myself and my daughter Trisha. They gave Trisha a small part in the video as well. The video Turnaround will be released sometime in May. Above are just a few samples of the out door shots of Low Level Flight.

All very cool guys! We wish them great success on their new video.